Tuesday, June 4, 2013

First Day

The project that I am doing is Project Number 4, Operation of a Model Refinery Distillation Column. At first when I heard about this project, I had absolutely no idea this was about, so I had decided to opt for this project out of curiosity. Now that I have a brief idea about what this project is about, I think that the interesting part about this project is that we get to know more about what we use every day, fuel. Through this project, we can learn how these fuels come about, as well as how a certain type of liquid are separated from others. To me, that sounds quite interesting. One of the main questions I have about this project is how difficult will it be. Once I had looked into the project manual, I saw all the equations and felt intimidated. But that is also another reason why I feel determined to do this project well, because I want to find out what do those equations mean. Another question I had was how was this project going to be like? Being with two strangers I have never met before, can I work well with them? For the Plenary Sessions, I missed the first one as I had Math Olympiad, but I made it in time for the second and third ones. During the second plenary session, I learned about the difference between 3-Dimensional and 2-Dimensional animation, especially about the production. I also learned from the plenary Session that due to advancements in Technology and recent innovations, 2-Dimensional animation has become less tedious to produce as it uses computer programs to link between fixed frames. From the third plenary session, I learned about the advancements is nanotechnology, not to mention the possible applications of nanotechnology in our daily lives. For example, cures for cancer. It was an interesting and new experience for me, pity I missed the first plenary session.

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